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CarbonCore Cortex X8

Compact Folding Quad or X8 (Octo in Co-Axial Quad configuration) More Lifting Power and Lighter than a 1200mm Octocopter
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Manufacturer: CarbonCore
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CarbonCore Cortex X8 Compact Folding Quadcopter or X8 Octocopter

Ready to fly


coche verte 8 CarbonCore motors
coche verte Carbon Full Frame
coche verte Carbon props
coche verte 25 minutes flight time with Full Frame DSLR


800mm Class Quadrocopter / Octocopter

○ Folds to only 770 x 400 x 150mm - With 15/16" propellers and 40 Class motors

○ Landing Skids protect the propellers when folded

Cortex Carbon Airframe weighs only 1110g - Including Servo Operated Retracts

○ 8x ESC, Power Board, DJI WKM-M Main Controller and IMU all fit Inside

○ Through Frame ESC Cooling

○ 2.0mm Thick Carbon Fibre Frame Plates

○ Stainless Steel Flat Fitting Bolts

○ Can be flown with 1x 5S to 4x 6S Lithium Polymer Batteries

○ Flight Batteries mounted on the top frame plate - Practical


Navigation card option:

- Naza (Wookong-M, A2 Flagship)
- Pixhawk
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 Canon EOS 5D configuration example:

Cortex 5D
ARTF Cortex with:
5DMkIII 24mm f2.8 stock battery 64Gb SD
Zen mount: 2x 12mm x 190mm tubes)
2x 6S 10,000mAh 
([email protected])
(4x 200mm Velcro used)
WKM-M 5.26 firmware
RD921 Rx


CarbonCore Cortex with Zenmuse and Sony A7 - 25 min Flying Time

   ○ Above Video: CarbonCore Cortex Built by CopterSquad, Germany

   ○ CarbonCore Motors (Specially for Cortex)

   ○ 2x 6S 11,000mAh MaxAmps LiPo packs

   ○ DJI WKM Flight Controller

   ○ DJI Z15 Zenmuse

   ○ Sony A7 Camera (slight modification to make it fit the Zenmuse)

   ○ 7.8Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 25 minutes flight time consuming 20,000mAh (90% battery usage)

   ○ 43.2 Average current, 5.4A per motor. - This includes FC & Z15 current consumption.

   ○ 5.5A per Kg.


CarbonCore Cortex 3-Axis Alexmos Gimbal


   ○ Cortex with 3-axis CarbonCore Alexmos Gimbal for compact cameras

   ○ 2x 6S 6,100mAh LiPo

   ○ CarbonCore Motors (Specially for Cortex)

   ○ CarbonCore 3-Axis Alexmos Gimbal

   ○ Sony RX100M2

   ○ 5.8Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 29.5A average current consumption

   ○ About 3.7A Per motor including gimbal and controller current consumption

   ○ 5.0A per Kg


Tess Rally 2014 filmed by AerialMedia Pro with the Cortex



   ○ Tess Rally Video: CarbonCore Cortex by Built AerialMedia Pro

   ○ "Some of the scenes were shot while the camera was moving at over 100km/h"

   ○ 2x 6S 6,000mAh LiPo

   ○ Zerouav flight controller YS-X4

   ○ 400Kv Motors

   ○ Panasonic GH3

   ○ 8.0Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 13 minutes flight time consuming 10,500mAh (87% battery usage)

   ○ 48.5A Average current, 6.0A per motor. - This includes FC, telemetry and gimbal current consumption.

   ○ 6.0A per Kg.

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