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CarbonCore Cortex X8

CarbonCore Cortex X8

Compact Folding Quad or X8 (Octo in Co-Axial Quad configuration) More Lifting Power and Lighter than a 1200mm Octocopter
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CarbonCore Cortex X8 Compact Folding Quadcopter or X8 Octocopter

Ready to fly


coche verte Carbon Full Frame
coche verte 25 minutes flight time with Full Frame DSLR
coche verte Upgrade to 385mm legs
coche verte 8x 4010 370Kv Motors
coche verte 4x CCW 15" Carbon Propellers
coche verte 4x CW 16" Carbon Propellers
coche verte DJI Naza V2.0 Flight Controller with GPS
coche verte Spektrum DX7 Transmitter Controller
coche verte Spektrum AR600 Receiver


800mm Class Quadrocopter / Octocopter

○ Folds to only 770 x 400 x 150mm - With 15/16" propellers and 40 Class motors

○ Landing Skids protect the propellers when folded

Cortex Carbon Airframe weighs only 1110g - Including Servo Operated Retracts

○ 8x ESC, Power Board, DJI WKM-M Main Controller and IMU all fit Inside

○ Through Frame ESC Cooling

○ 2.0mm Thick Carbon Fibre Frame Plates

○ Stainless Steel Flat Fitting Bolts

○ Can be flown with 1x 5S to 4x 6S Lithium Polymer Batteries

○ Flight Batteries mounted on the top frame plate - Practical


Navigation card option:

- Naza (Wookong-M, A2 Flagship)
- Pixhawk
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 Canon EOS 5D configuration example:

Cortex 5D
ARTF Cortex with:
5DMkIII 24mm f2.8 stock battery 64Gb SD
Zen mount: 2x 12mm x 190mm tubes)
2x 6S 10,000mAh 
([email protected])
(4x 200mm Velcro used)
WKM-M 5.26 firmware
RD921 Rx


CarbonCore Cortex with Zenmuse and Sony A7 - 25 min Flying Time

   ○ Above Video: CarbonCore Cortex Built by CopterSquad, Germany

   ○ CarbonCore Motors (Specially for Cortex)

   ○ 2x 6S 11,000mAh MaxAmps LiPo packs

   ○ DJI WKM Flight Controller

   ○ DJI Z15 Zenmuse

   ○ Sony A7 Camera (slight modification to make it fit the Zenmuse)

   ○ 7.8Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 25 minutes flight time consuming 20,000mAh (90% battery usage)

   ○ 43.2 Average current, 5.4A per motor. - This includes FC & Z15 current consumption.

   ○ 5.5A per Kg.


CarbonCore Cortex 3-Axis Alexmos Gimbal


   ○ Cortex with 3-axis CarbonCore Alexmos Gimbal for compact cameras

   ○ 2x 6S 6,100mAh LiPo

   ○ CarbonCore Motors (Specially for Cortex)

   ○ CarbonCore 3-Axis Alexmos Gimbal

   ○ Sony RX100M2

   ○ 5.8Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 29.5A average current consumption

   ○ About 3.7A Per motor including gimbal and controller current consumption

   ○ 5.0A per Kg


Tess Rally 2014 filmed by AerialMedia Pro with the Cortex



   ○ Tess Rally Video: CarbonCore Cortex by Built AerialMedia Pro

   ○ "Some of the scenes were shot while the camera was moving at over 100km/h"

   ○ 2x 6S 6,000mAh LiPo

   ○ Zerouav flight controller YS-X4

   ○ 400Kv Motors

   ○ Panasonic GH3

   ○ 8.0Kg Complete flying weight

   ○ 13 minutes flight time consuming 10,500mAh (87% battery usage)

   ○ 48.5A Average current, 6.0A per motor. - This includes FC, telemetry and gimbal current consumption.

   ○ 6.0A per Kg.

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