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FMS P-40B P40B Flying Tigers 1400mm Wingspan Warbird PNP

FMS P-40B P40B Flying Tigers 1400mm Wingspan Warbird PNP

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FMS P-40B P40B Flying Tigers 1400mm Wingspan Warbird PNP

The Flying Tigers, known officially as the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG), were a unit of the Chinese Air Force, recruited from U.S. aviators. From late 1941, the P-40B was used by the Flying Tigers. They were divided into three pursuit squadrons, the "Adam & Eves", the "Panda Bears" and the "Hell's Angels".
Compared to opposing Japanese fighters, the P-40B's strengths were that it was sturdy, well armed, faster in a dive and possessed an excellent rate of roll. While the P-40s could not match the maneuverability of the Japanese Army air arm's Nakajima Ki-27s and Ki-43s, nor the much more famous Zero naval fighter in a slow speed turning dogfight, at higher speeds the P-40s were more than a match. AVG leader Claire Chennault trained his pilots to use the P-40's particular performance advantages. The P-40 had a higher dive speed than any Japanese fighter aircraft of the early war years, for example, and could be used to exploit so-called "boom-and-zoom" tactics. The AVG was highly successful, and its feats were widely published, to boost sagging public morale at home, by an active cadre of international journalists. According to their official records, in just 6 1/2 months, the Flying Tigers destroyed 115 enemy aircraft for the loss of just four of their own in air-to-air combat.

Item No.:P-40B
Item name: Flying Tigers Warbird

Motor Size:Brushless 4258-KV620
ESC:70A with 5A SBEC
Servo:17g metal digital x 6, 9g metal digital x 1
Prop Size:14*8, 3 blade
Recommended Battery:Li-Po 14.8V 3300mAh 35C(not included)

Radio Require:6 Channel radio system(not included)
CG(center of gravity):50-55mm (From Leading Edge)
Overall Length:1192mm/46.9 in
Flying Weight:Around 2500g
Wing Load:74.2 g/dm² (0.17oz/in²)
Wing Area:33.7dm² (522.3sq.in)
Assembly Time:about 1 hour
Approx. Flying Duration:6 minutes
Minimum Age Recommendation:14+
Experience Level:Intermediate

PNP version requires Radio System, Battery and Charger

Except America
User manual, please 1 x FMS P-40B Warbird Flying Tigers
1 x 4258-KV620BrushlessMotor
1 x 70A ESC with 5A SBEC
7 x Servo
1 x 3-blade Propeller