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Tarot 6S 380KV 4008 4108 Brushless Motor For RC Multicopters TL68P07

Tarot 6S 380KV 4008 4108 Brushless Motor For RC Multicopters TL68P07

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Tarot 6S 380KV 4008 4108 Brushless Motor For RC Multicopters  TL68P07

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-Designed for quad-copters and hex-copters, CNC processed, smooth surface and well-balance
-Brand-new turbofan cover, which provide good heat dissipation effect.
-Rotor is made by neodymium iron boron, and stator is made by Epoxy resin, motor is well-balanced from factory, which solves vibration issue a lot.
-Motor shaft is alloy steel applied.
-The upper and lower cover are special bearing applied, which has advantages such as low frictional torque, low power consumption, impact resistance, strong radial support.

Brand Name:Tarot
Model: 6s 380KV

Motor diameter: 46MM
Stator diameter: 40.6MM

Stator thickness: 8.2MM
Stator pole: 24 Port
Motor pole: 22P
Cable diameter: 0.23MM
Gear axis installation diameter: 4MM
Motor height: 24.0MM
Motor cord length: 32.50MM
RPM: 380RPM/ volt
Motor Weight: 93G    
4006 Motor mounting pitch: 27.7MM equilateral triangle installation.
Hole diameter: 4mm (middle), 3mm (side),
Distance from hole to hole: 12mm

Package Include:
1 x 6s 4108/380 kv brushless motors
3 x M3x6mm cup head screws
2 x M3x8mm round head screw
1 x Metal rotor installing piece

Products specifications
Warehouse Copterlab China Warehouse
Model 6s 380KV
Motor Diameter 46MM
Stator Diameter 40.6MM
Stator pole 24 Port
Motor pole 22P
Motor height 24.0MM
Motor cord length 32.50MM
Rpm 380RPM/ volt
Motor weight 93G
Hole diameter 4mm (middle), 3mm (side),
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