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2 Axis Flir Boson Brushless Gimbal for DJI Mavic Pro Pocket Drone

2 Axis Flir Boson Brushless Gimbal for DJI Mavic Pro Pocket Drone

150g lightweight gimbal for Flir Boson camera designed for DJI Mavic Pro - No jello Effect
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Manufacturer: Copterlab



2 Axis Flir Boson Brushless Gimbal
for DJI Mavic Pro


Lightest Carbon ABS gimbal fits perfectly with Flir Boson thermal camera for great FPV.
This gimbal avoid motor vibrations coming from the DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter frame.

Pre-assembled and pre-programmed

Power is taken from Mavic stock battery without avoiding DJI warranty

This gimbal doesn't avoid your DJI Warranty

Controller card used: Mini Alexmos

You could control Roll/Pitch from your additional PWM remote controller

Flight time with full payload: 15 minutes

Weight: 150g (with motors, controller card, video transmitter, rc receiver, +5v ubec, landing gear without Flir Boson)

Dimensions: 3.9"(L) x 2"(W) x 2"(H)
                   10cm (L) x 5.12cm (W) x 5.12cm (H)

If you consider buying this product, you must know some limitations:
- Remote Control Interface RHP-BOS-RC-IF can't be used properly because wires provided with Flir Boson are not flexibles and gimbal micro motors can't bring it (maybe Flir will consider using silicone wires one day)
If you need to use onboard thermal features, you need to consider using a upscaled gimbal with strongest motors (DJI Matrice or Inspire for example)
- Flir Boson video output can't be inverted. You will need to revert your live video monitor to correct this missing Flir feature.
- Modded picking power to Mavic will drain stock battery when not used. We strongly recommand to remove stock battery when it is not in use.
- Downward vision positionning must be absolutly disabled as thermal gimbal hides sensors bellow the frame.

Gimbal Documentation link

-> contact us if you want your own mount adapter

Why choose Copterlab gimbal?

 Copterlab gimbalChinese gimbal
SupportLive support (website - Skype - email)No any support at all
ContentReady to useNeed to mount and setup it
MaterialCarbon ABSPoor 3d printed parts or aluminum parts
Weight150gmore than 120g
Camera adapterLot of and we can create yours freelyNo
JelloNo jello garanteedYou need to spend lot of time to avoid it
ColorsGold, Silver, White Gloss, Black Gloss-
Country madeFranceChina
CostsNot cheap, lot of time to create itYou get that you paid














 Link to the Alexmos SimpleBGC user manual

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Why ordering gimbals here?

Other stores sells some chinese rebranded gimbals from Tarot or Yuneec with 3d printed parts for hidding some details

Here we manufacture the whole gimbal parts that means

- Motors

- Gimbal controller

- Camera mount

- Frame mount


What if i crash my Copterlab gimbal?


Each part can be replaced easily by cheap offer as we manufacture each part of gimbal


What if i'm running under issue with my Copterlab gimbal?


Our support will reply you quickly by email or live support even after your purchase you stay our priority


What if i can't find model i'm searching for?


Just contact us and we will design custom parts for free!)

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