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Copterlab brings you the possibility to mount Airwing/Plane light gimbal on your copter.

These 2 or 3 axis Airwing/Plane gimbals made in carbon ABS material and can use different action cameras and frame mounts.

Lot of frame mounts for Airwing/Plane camera have already been created however we can freely create your custom one.

Airwing/Plane gimbals are fully setup and ready to use, just attach it to your frame, mount your camera and power with lipo battery.

These Airwing/Plane lightweight gimbals can be mounted upper or lower on your frame. You can also add a secondary battery to power this gimbal and video tx.

Earn some money with our Airwing/Plane gimbals:

Submit your inflight videos to Copterlab team and earn $10 by selected video.

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2 Axis Flir Vue Pro Brushless Gimbal for Plane and Airwing
Lightweight gimbal for Flir Tau 2 camera - No jello Effect