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We propose to our customers several gimbal parts material

The default is FDM 3D printed material

You can also select a better finition grade material by selecting SLS Laser Sintering 3d printed material

We hope you appreciate the quality level.

Good news for our customers!
We reduced all our nano and ultra nano gimbals weight by 20grams!

That means the nano gimbals new weight is now 85grams and the ultra nano gimbals new weight is 40grams!

Now we can say we manufacture the most lightest gimbals on earth!

Find our nano gimbals here

Find our ultra nano gimbals here

Last year, some customers came in this shop and ask for a gimbal for Tetracam Multispectral sensor

We designed them a 2 axis gimbal

Copterlab mounts can save some human lifes!

Our ukrainian customer needs assistance in order to find buried people in bombed-out buildings.

So we shipped to DroneTheSaviorForUkraine a hacked DJI Mavic Pro drone with night vision and thermal vision cameras.

Generally the chinese drones can't be used on war territories because of sharing datas with the enemy and restricted fly zone areas so we hacked the drone in order to avoid these issues.

For now, the drone helped to find 118 buried civilians and saved 83 lifes.

This is amazing how we can help a lot with a little modifications!

Copterlab gimbals are configurable and can support a lot of drone model like the Tarot frame drones.
Depending your Flir camera model, you can choose between single or dual mounts for another sensors like multispectral for example.
You can find out the whole Flir gimbals within the search engine.

Here is a configuration for the Flir Vue Pro R Gimbal with Tarot X6 drone

In the drone bracket, select your Tarot frame and you're done!

tarot , gimbal , drone

If you are searching for the smallest tiny gimbals, we engineered some very light models for 2 and 3 axis like the nano gimbals.
They come with rubber absorber vibrations in Alexmos controller format.

Some customers wanted more lighter again so we released the ultra nano gimbals (55grams) 

Despite of this, if you are searching for a custom model, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help in the request.

So you have seen us integrated the other cameras by FLIR: FLIR Tau 2, FLIR Vue, FLIR Vue Pro, FLIR Duo (the GoPro-lie camera) and FLIR Boson on the Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro v2. These camera share a good feature: they are lightweight.

Now you might wonder, how about the FLIR Duo Pro R (a 350 gram camera - and not the GoPro-like FLIR Duo above)?

You have seen FLIR has been advertising it as a heavy camera fitted on a Gremsy T1 gimbal and carried by a DJI S1000 or Matrice 600 Pro, the heavy-lift drones. So is it ridiculous to even think about fitting it on the Phantom 4 again?

We we did it again! We did the the nearly impossible!

whole system with controller to control 3 PWM channels of the Camera, video downlink for Duo Pro R

It seems impossible to make the tiny drone by DJI, the Mavic Air 2, a thermal drone. It is really small and doesn't have a lot of space for attaching anything. However, it is a powerful drone compared to its size. So we have pushed the boundary further by engineering the very system for it, the Copterlab Flir Boson Gimbal for Mavic Air 2. Yes, you may have heard it before, the Copterlab Flir Boson Gimbal with FLIR Boson thermal imaging camera, which we created for the Mavic Air's bigger sibling: the Mavic Pro or Mavic 2 Pro. At the time we designed the original Copterlab Flir Boson Gimbal for Mavic, nobody, except DJI Engineers, had any idea about the existence of the DJI Mavic Air 2, to release 3 months later.

But our unique design has allowed us to do a few small tweaks, and now the Copterlab Flir Boson Gimbal (current version) works beautifully on the Mavic Air 2. Not only that, it does also work on the DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantoms (Phantom 1-2-3-4), Inspire 1, Inspire 2, Matrice 200, Matrice 210, Matrice 300, Matrice 600... you name it. It works also for a non-DJI drone. With this Copterlab Flir Boson Gimbal, you will have a dual-vision drone (EO/IR drone) for SAR, inspections...

Flir Boson Gimbal for DJI Mavic Air 2

You Didn't Find Your Gimbal?

That means we didn't work enough. Start a conversation with our technicians by chat or by contact page, they will be happy to answer you asap with the most suitable solution for your needs.

Why ordering gimbals here?

Here you won't find some chinese rebranded gimbals.

We manufacture the whole gimbal parts that means

- Motors

- Gimbal controller

- Camera mount

- Frame mount

What if i crash my Copterlab gimbal?

Each part can be replaced easily by cheap offer as we manufacture each part of the gimbals we sell

What if i'm running under issue with my Copterlab gimbal?

Our support will reply you quickly by email or live chat support. After purchasing, you stay our priority.

What if i can't find model i'm searching for?

Just contact us and we will design custom parts for free!)

I just want to get the electronic and motors gimbal parts

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