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FLIR Hadron Dual Thermal + Visible Camera

FLIR Hadron Dual Thermal + Visible Sensors

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FLIR Hadron Thermal Camera

FLIR HADRON Thermal Imaging Camera Highlights:

  • Thermal & Visible Camera Enclosed In One Package
  • Dual Camera Control via Serial Connection, Push Button, Receiver PWM or Wireless Joystick
  • 5 to 26 Volt DC Input
  • Multi Window Mode - PiP, Split View, Single and Quad view
  • HD Visible camera included
  • Onboard IMU for easy integration with a gimbal

IR Cut Filter Notice:

An infrared cut filter (IR-cut filter) is used to block light with wavelengths longer than visible light while transmitting visible light. IR cut filters can operate by either reflecting or absorbing the light to be blocked. IR cut filters are often used in solid state (CCD or CMOS) video cameras to block infrared light, which otherwise causes a lowering of the contrast due to the high sensitivity of many camera sensors to near-infrared light. IR cut filters for this purpose are mostly operating by reflecting the IR portion of the light.

Two sensors allow a visible image and thermal image to be controlled and transmitted simultaneously. Engineered for drone use, the lightweight RHP-BOS-DS-IF is easy to configure and simple to connect.

Options for connecting the BOS-DS-IF are:

  • USB
  • S-Bus
  • PWM

Multiple window modes:

Picture in Picture mode

Allows you to view one camera in a small frame and the other camera in the background.

Single View mode

See the complete view of either camera on the screen.

Split View Mode

Monitor both streams shown side by side.

Change Parameters On-The-Fly!

Assigning the features of the FLIR Boson can be done with the custom control GUI and programming interface (included). Once assigned to a controller, you can select color palettes, initiate the Flat Field Correction (FFC) Shutter, Optimize the Digital Detail Enhancement and engage the Thermal AGC without having to land.

Customize Your Control

Whether it's an RC Controller or 5 point D-pad, you can assign features and control the FLIR Boson, the amount of control is practically limitless.

Power Protection

With the intelligent polarity sensing protection, the RHP-BOS-DS-IF is designed to handle voltages ranging from 5-26 Volts DC.

Dimensions : 70mm x 36mm x 10mm

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